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Hey what’s up?

Just wanted to stop in to say a quick “Hello Baby” Hope you are having a nice holiday season. I know i’ve been super busy doing stuff…kinda looking forward to when it’s over to tell you the truth.  Listening to music with my new beats….they are so cozy. ;) You should check out my new preview videos on my website. it has a NEW look and feel to it. Kinda old school and new school…idk. I love having my own website!! yay! Things are going well. I have a trip planned to hit Las Vegas in Jan.  ;) who will I meet up with next? Well, you’ll just have to stay tuned and find out. Hubby is super excited as well. FFM coming soon! xxx Desirae

Yo Yo Happy Monday!

Hi there,

Hope your day is starting off well so far. I just got home from the gym. I always feel so much better the whole day after working out.  :) Had my protein shake, now working on loading a new video to the  :)~xxx Here are a few snaphsots from my desk.

Hey there…

I went to New York, I am back now..I am going to attempt to stay more current with my tumblr account. While I was in New York we went to ground zero. There was a HUGE line with security everywhere to go inside…so we just walked around the outside. I took this picture of what the first tower looks like now. I was amazed how much they have done.

In Between Madness and Beauty

hurry up and wait

sitting waiting

it has to happen

it has to come

eventually it always comes out

I had to be inside for years

to find out what the sky really looks like

I remember running


however, always landing on my feet….

in my head 

on my way

every day I wonder

I question

and find blinks of peace in between

all the madness

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